It all began at about 1:00 in the morning over a bottle of 2007 Da Vinci Chianti and a box of fine, dark chocolate.  Kelly Knight and Susan Tindill Solbrig had racked their brains for weeks trying to come up with a fun and exciting career move to make from the corporate world.  Susan began telling Kelly a story about a co-worker trying to decide on a wedding planner then mid-sentence, they both said at the same time, we could do that!  Suddenly the idea became even more realistic and genuine as they noticed what was surrounding them:  wine, chocolate, lists of whos, files of whats, to-do check lists, design magazines, fashion magazines, planning calendars and at least a dozen tabs open on the computer with ideas galore! 

The business name, Decadent Details Events, was easy to create, as finer things in life are exactly what they love!  In addition, both Kelly and Susan have a knack for being organized, planning and coordinating  in fact, their families would argue that they are borderline OCD! 

With over twelve years each of coordinating weddings, corporate events, destination entertainment and holiday parties., we are excited to share our ideas of decadence and help you create the most memorable wedding or event with discerning detail.  Let us show you that the finer things in life are exactly what you deserve as well! 

Cheers and a toast to our future relationships!