Do my colors really matter?

Written by Decadent Details Events Assistant, Sarah Hamilton

“Whatever the case, it’s always best to follow some basic guidelines...”

"Enjoy the hunt for those perfect colors, and make sure the decision is yours and has not been swayed by anyone else...." 


"Use the seasons to your advantage, and play with different combinations..." 

Picking your color scheme and sticking to it

Let's be honest. When you think of your big day you already see about eighty percent of it etched in your mind, down to the last detail. In that remaining twenty percent, however, may include your final menu options, final hair style, and (of course) nailing down the final color scheme you want your ladies to be showcasing when it's time to stroll down the aisle.

So what will it be: A gentle pink, with a hints of off white or maybe grey accents? An eye popping green? A ferocious fuchsia?

Whatever the case, it's always best to follow some basic guidelines:

1. WHAT SEASON IS IT? Are you getting hitched in the fall but love pastels? Then you may consider using pastel decor for the engagement party, and make a bolder statement with a golden orange or a navy blue for the actual shindig. Christmas Wedding? Well, you could go with a standard crimson and hunter green. But then again you also could get even more creative with a silver and gold theme, or snowflake white with shimmering blue. Use the seasons to your advantage and play with different combinations.

2. WILL THE COLORS WASH OUT YOUR GIRLS? Okay so you really like light tan. But have you actually considered what a tan dress would do for your whole group? Can we say pseudo birthday suit? Yikes. Think about how the skin tones will play a role in the overall scheme. Go to Lowes, Home Depot or any other paint store and grab some paint sample cards. Act like you are painting a new room in your new house, but remember that it has to match the carpet in the room too (or in this case, the skin tone).

3. DOES IT SCREAM 'YOU'? Get a color that matches your personality. If you are a loud charismatic girl, maybe you could have your gals pull of the bright orange or whimsical yellow. Maybe you would rather have everyone blend in, and baby blue with a bit of grey would suit your big day. See what your inner 'you' wants to do, and just trust your gut.

4. IS IT A COLOR THAT CAN EASILY BE WORN AT MOST EVENTS? Once the dress is purchased, you want your bridesmaids to feel like they can wear it again as opposed to letting it collect dust in the depths of their walk-in. A dress that can be worn more than once will feel more like a valued investment as opposed to a complete waste.

5. CAN YOU STICK WITH YOUR DECISION? With dresses costing sometimes more than $125, your gals probably wouldn't appreciate having to purchase a second dress because you changed your mind last minute (even returning can be a pain). Be kind, and don't announce the colors to anyone until you know for certain it will not change.

So, do my colors really matter?

Yes, of course they do. You are painting a picture for (insert guest amount here & add friends/family that will see photos after the fact) people to enjoy. It's only fitting that the colors be enjoyable as well.

Do the bright colors of an interior wall inside your house make you feel bright and cheerful? Yes, of course they do. So, this should be no different. Enjoy the hunt for those perfect colors, and make sure the decision is yours and has not been swayed by anyone else. After all it is 'your' big day, so just be sure that your colors are all you