Registry Tips!

Written by Decadent Details Events Assistant, Stephany LaCruz

Hello Our Beautiful Readers!

Yes, it is that time of the week when we gift you with a lovely new blog for you to read! We know you look forward to Tuesday to see what fine advice Decadent Details has in store for you. Well, fret not because Tuesday is here and you are really going to like the blog today which is centered around a really fun part of your engagement. We seem to say that every week but it is because every single aspect of planning your wedding should be fun and exciting! In today’s blog, we are going to talk about registering for gifts. We’ve included a check list for different parts of the house, some tips on when and where to register, and some do’s and don’ts. So without further ado, let’s begin!

What should we register for? As you can see from the checklist below, it includes every aspect of your house that you could think of, from the kitchen to the bedroom and even items you would need outside. Don’t get overwhelmed by the list and register for only those items you need or really want. For instance, if you are coffee drinkers definitely register for a Keurig or a Coffee Maker but if you are into tea instead of coffee, forego the urge to add the greatest & latest from Keurig and instead add a gorgeous tea kettle or a tea press to your list.

How many items should you register for? Below is a chart that shows the number of gifts for each price point you should register for depending on how many guests you have. We find this to be an extremely useful tool for knowing how many gifts to register for.

How many registries should we have? We suggest registering for gifts at 2 to 3 stores to give your guests options of where to shop. Limiting the number of registries, will also make it simpler for you to keep track of. It is also important to have different price points so your guests have choices to stay in their budget but also to be able to give you an item which you will love! If you do decide to register in more than a couple of places, My Registry and Zola are two examples of  websites who let you register all in one place. Since we’re in the 21st century, registries aren’t just for toaster and coffee makers anymore. The Honey Fund registry is where your guests can put funds toward your honeymoon. They can choose from an excursion for the two of you to have some fun snorkeling, enjoying a nice meal together, or even pay for a night stay at your hotel.  This registry is often used by couples who have already been living on their own as a couple or individual who we really do not need household items. If you decided to go with a honeymoon registry, we suggest having a household item registry also for those who really want to get you a pretty, set of towels! Check out our "Wedding & Gift Registries" blog for a list of the best places to register. 

Do’s & Don’ts.  Registering for your wedding can be extremely stressful so we think it is important to know some things you should and should not do to make your lives a little easier. Let’s start with things you should not do. Do not ask directly for cash. If you prefer money as a gift because you are trying to save up for a house or something really important such as this, have your close family and wedding party pass the word around. Also, do not list your registry on your invitation, save the date, RSVP card, etc., instead list your wedding website. Post your registries on your wedding website so guests have one location to go to when they need any additional information. We know it may seem fun when you are in the store scanning items with the little gun but do not get trigger happy! You may end up registering for more items than you wanted or for items you did not want because you just wanted to scan more items. What you should do is register early! As soon as your loved ones find out the two of you are engaged they will want to send gifts to you so be prepared. Also, register together and have fun with the experience.  One last tip, make sure to send out Thank You cards in a timely matter. Nobody wants to open their mailbox a year later to find that you finally sent your Thank You card. Check out our "Thank You Notes 101" blog on tips for sending thank you cards.

Hopefully, this week’s blog has helped you when it comes to your registry list. If you still have questions about what you should and should not register for, feel free to contact us over at Decadent Details. We are happy to help the two of you fine tune your list. 

Leave us a note on what the two of you are registering for? 

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