Hello Our Beautiful Readers,

We hope everyone is having a great week so far! Warm weather is finally here…time to break out the sandals and cute sundresses! To continue with the sweet feeling this warm weather brings, we thought we would talk about choosing your cake! Tastings are a fun part of the wedding planning process but before you book your tasting, here are a few helpful tips on choosing your cake.

First, what type of cake do you prefer - Traditional, tiered cake, cupcakes or a dessert/cake bar? Second, what flavors and type of icing do you like? Third, how much cake will you need? Last, but not least take pictures with you to your tasting of cakes, cupcakes, desserts you like to help your baker understand your vision.  Remember, have fun! 

The type of cake is definitely a personal preference. Regardless of whether you decide on a tiered wedding cake, cupcakes or a dessert bar, have fun with the options and let the style reflect your personality as a couple! As far as tiered cakes, there are many options from a naked cake which has very little or no frosting to a very ornate one. Or if you like the idea of a cupcake or dessert bar, the options are only limited to your imagination and creativity. 




Although vanilla is our favorite, there are a broad range of cake flavor and dessert options. So have fun giving your guests a tasty experience. But remember too many choices can be overwhelming.

And of course it’s all about “The Icing on the Cake”, no pun intended. Although buttercream and fondant are the most common, there are other options such as royal icing, meringue and others your baker can discuss with you. The look and style of the cake can often dictate what type of frosting will need to be used. This is where hiring a professional baker is definitely important. 

Regardless of what type of cake you prefer, your guest count will determine how much cake, cupcakes or desserts you will actually need. Here are some guidelines to help when you are talking with your baker.

The general rule for cupcakes is 1.5 per person especially if there’s more than one flavor. If you are only having one flavor, one per guest will probably be enough. For a mini dessert bar, we normally recommend 3-4 mini desserts per person if your guests aren’t eating a slice of cake.  If there is cake also, 1-2 per guest is usually plenty. The quantity depends on how many different desserts you are offering. For example, we suggest doing no more than 2-3 options than the amount you are allotting each guest. Rely on your professional baker to help you determine how much cake, cupcakes or desserts you will need.

Dessert is definitely one of our favorite parts of any soiree' especially weddings! Have fun with this part of the planning process! If you need help in finding a great professional to create your wedding cake/dessert vision, give us a call, we are here to help! 

Until next week our beautiful readers!