Outdoor Weddings

Written by Decadent Details Assistant, Stephany LaCruz

Hello Our Beautiful Readers!

We hope you guys had a fun Easter with your families and enjoyed the beauty of the day. Trying to choose a venue, first decide on when and then Inside or Out. Both have their pros and cons, but today we thought we would focus on the beauty of having an outdoor wedding!  There are many options for an outdoor wedding such as the beach, a park, the forest, a mountain, a lake, and the list goes on and on. One of the biggest pros to having an outdoor wedding is the beauty of nature which often minimizes the amount of decorating needed. 

Another pro, is outdoors can be more family friendly. It’s much easier to keep a small child entertained when outdoors than in a confined indoor space.  The outdoors lends itself to fun things like blowing bubbles and playing games before the ceremony begins.

Although nature is definitely a pro with all of its beauty, Mother Nature can often be a con and very unpredictable. October has the least amount of rainfall and the temps on an average are from the mid 50's to the mid 70's which is why it has become a very popular wedding month. Here's a chart from the US Climate Data showing the average high's, low's and precipitation for each month in Nashville. Hopefully, this will help in deciding when Mother Nature's most on your side if you are planning an outdoor soirée. 

Have fun with the decor...flowers down the aisle, shepherd hooks with lanterns and vases hanging from them...there are so many options! Although some indoor venues have restrictions as far as flowers sprinkled down the aisle, most outdoor venues allow them because flowers are a part of nature and will blow away in the wind and cause no harm to animals. There are also many seating ideas such as hay bales covered with blankets to protect your guest's attire, couches and love seat to make your guests feel extra cozy, or bench made from logs.  You can also be creative with the position of the seating. Try positioning the chairs around the alter in a circle so everyone has a great view. Another option is to spiral the chairs around the alter so when the bridal party is walking they go through a small maze, so everyone can have a chance to see. But of course you can always set them traditionally, it is a classic for a reason. 

Remember this is your day and if you decide an outdoor wedding is for you, here are a few fun ideas to help make Mother Nature a bit easier to get along with. If the day is expected to be warm, have fans and bottles of water for your guests during the ceremony.  Blankets, scarves, pashminas and hot chocolate are a fun way to keep guests warm inside and out on cooler days. Possible showers, provide umbrellas to help keep everyone dry, but it never hurts to have a "rain" plan just in case. Any of these ideas can be personalized and  not only bring comfort to your guests but also double as a wedding favor.   Buckets filled with cans of mosquito repellant are also an appreciated gesture. 

Hopefully these small tips will help you decide on whether to have an indoor or outdoor wedding.  Remember Decadent Details is always here to help you plan the day you've always dreamed of! 

Have a lovely rest of the week, until next time!