Themed Weddings

Written by Decadent Details Assistant, Stephany LaCruz

Hello Our Beautiful Readers,

A fun part of the planning process is figuring out your style and choosing your colors. One of the styles we love is "Themed Weddings". If you and your partner have a love of the same thing like Disney, Comics, Movies, etc, having a themed wedding is a fun way to express your shared interest. We thought we would share a few of our favorites! 

You guessed it, the first theme we’ll be talking about are Disney themed weddings! The best part about doing a Disney themed wedding is there are many options...whether you decide to center your theme around one specific movie or have it be a broad Disney theme. For a broad Disney theme, you could have the Disney castle outlined in different aspects of the wedding as well as the Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears. If you both love the romanticism of Cinderella, incorporate elements like glass slippers and Cinderella's carriage into the details of your wedding. Or if you would love to be swept away on a magic carpet like in the movie Aladdin, use a variety of Persian rugs as your runner during the ceremony and use genie lamps and colored stones for centerpieces. We suggest using a movie both of you like and if you love all the Disney movies, then definitely go with a broader Disney theme.

Next wedding theme... Harry Potter!  There are so many fun options with this theme.  For one you could have it set around your certain house, especially if you were both sorted into different houses. You could wear your scarves for your pictures and even have the bridal party wear their house colors too. For the invitations you could incorporate the Marauder’s map or have them styled with your house colors. A few ideas for the guest favors would be wands with your wedding date carved into them or you could make glow sticks into brooms for your guests to use during your send off. 

The next theme we will be talking about can be called different things: starry night, outer space, and even an astronomy theme. This theme is not as popular, but we think it's a beautiful, romantic idea for a wedding. The dark blues, whites, and black just look so great together. A fun backdrop you could use is making a crescent moon with a couple stars hanging from it, which could be used for your professional pictures or as a photo booth for your guests. And for the cake maybe incorporate the phases of the moon or make it look like the night sky. An interesting idea for a venue would be an amphitheater or simply under the night sky. For the centerpieces incorporate a planet for each table with smaller lit globes around it or use little stars around it. Think of all the cute star necklaces, earrings, bowties, ties, and other accessories you could find for your special day!

If you decide to have a "Themed Wedding, have fun with it like our couple who had a Dr. Who theme last summer. From the Tardis the groom built to propose to the miniature Dr. Who ring bearer in a Fez hat, this couple incorporated subtle touches of Dr. Who throughout their wedding and reception to make it personal, fun and memorable. Check it out by clicking the picture. 


Regardless of what theme you choose, remember Decadent Details is here to help you get your creative juices flowing and pull your ideas together! 

Till next week our Beautiful Readers!