The Proposal

Written by Decadent Details Events assistant, Stephany LaCruz

Hello our Beautiful Readers!

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching us on Sunday. After Christmas, February the 14th is the second highest holiday when people get engaged. You guessed it, this weeks post is about proposing! After weeks, months, or years of dating you’re starting to think of the future of your relationship. You know it’s time when you can’t think of spending another minute without them and knowing how much they truly mean to you. Now that you know you want to propose to your special someone, what do you do now?


Well one of the first things you need to do is talk to their parents, it’s very important that you get their blessing. Even if you aren’t a very traditional person, they probably are and it’s probably important to them. Once they’ve said yes, because of course they will, you need to plan on how you’re going to ask. Every proposal is completely different and should fit the person you’re asking. Some people go really big with flash mobs or at a game on the jumbotron. Others tend to go smaller where it’s just the two of them in their house or somewhere special to them as a couple like making a monopoly board game because they played the game for years together. No matter how you do it, it’s something that the two of you will never forget.
The next step is the ring. If you already know their size great! If you don’t then you can always ask family or friends or grab a ring they already have and take it to the jewelers. You can go to a jewelry store or you can go on if they have a love for vintage. If you’re not sure about the style of ring you can bring one of their friends along, they’ll have the best insight. Some people do take their significant other to a jewelry store and see what they are looking at but I tend to think that won’t give them the big “SURPRISE” factor.


Now all you have left to do is to “POP” the question! Need help with ideas on how to sweep her off her feet or in executing your own, Decadent Details can help. Good luck our Beautiful Readers, until next week!