Creating Your Wedding Hashtag

Creating a hashtag for your wedding is a wonderful way to help you compile all of the images shared on social media throughout the celebration. Need some help coming up with something unique, easy to remember, and personal? We found this great story on Bridal Guide which gives the 411 on how to create your own hashtag. We've added some of the fun hashtags a couple of our brides and grooms have used!


Grab your partner, and maybe even a few close friends, and a blank sheet of paper. Start writing down all the key words, phrases and names for the wedding. Think location, date, last names, first names, nicknames, common interests, wedding theme, etc. Chances are, you will immediately start seeing some great possibilities.  Evelyn and Matthew had a Doctor Who themed wedding. They decided on #timeywimeywedding613 for their hashtag.

Narrow it down 
Traits of a perfect hashtag include brevity, comedy, meaning, something memorable, and a reflection of your personal identity or love story. Names can particularly lend themselves well to clever yet meaningful hashtags. For example, one of our couples used  #happilyelderafter since the groom's last name was Elder.

Do your homework
Before you finalize your hashtag, take to your social accounts and take it for a test run. If you search your desired hashtag, do hundreds or thousands of pictures come popup? If so, you may want to take a look at one of the others on your list. One of the main reasons for having a hashtag is to easily see all the photos being taken and shared, and that can be tricky if many others are using the same one.

Once you have that perfect hashtag, commit to it! Put it on your wedding website or on your stationery, like a mini enclosure card (but not on the invite itself!). Use it throughout the wedding planning process and at all other wedding-related events, like your engagement party, showers, cake tastings, and more. Incorporate it into décor through signage, in the program, or even on custom cocktail napkins or coasters. If you have a photo booth, make sure it's posted nearby!


Reap the rewards!
After so much thought and effort went into selecting and communicating that perfect hashtag, sit back and enjoy all the awesome photos coming in!! Don’t forget to save them or make a physical book so you can keep those memories close for years to come.

We'd love to hear what you and your fiancé chose for your hashtag!