Bridal Hairstyles

As women, the last thing any of us want is a bad hair day, especially on the biggest day of our lives...Our Wedding Day! Deciding on a hair style can be quiet the challenge. All eyes are on you so you want to be sure you hair and make-up look amazing!  You want something that stands out, matches your theme, and is going to stand the test of time, or at least the ceremony and reception! Making the decision to have an up-do, flowing locks, or somewhere in-between  is a personal choice.
Here are a few things to consider which might help in your decision.
  1. Which style do you usually prefer and will make you feel the most comfortable on the day?
  2. Are you wearing a veil or other hair accessory?
  3. Which style will look best with your dress?
  4. If you are going with a theme, is there a hair style that will best fit this theme?

We suggest that you do a “trial” run with your stylist to ensure that you like the “do” on you, and that it will stand the long day. This “trial” run will also help to determine the time you will need before the day begins which will help your planner when building your "Day Of" itinerary.

Here are a few of our favorite Wedding Day styles. Browse our "Bridal Beauty" gallery on Pinterest for some more ideas and inspiration!