Should you have a Wedding Website?

Written br Decadent  DetIails Assistant Events, Brianna Hammomds

You said "YES" - the next question is ...Should you have a Wedding Website? There are so many reasons the answer is "YES! But we agree with the "experts" a wedding website is not for everyone! If you see yourself struggling to decide...maybe this will help. According to Nicole Ames, a professor of Integrated Marketing Communications and owner of Twist IMC, says that many companies create a Facebook page or a Twitter account for no good reason. Often, their response is “because everyone else is doing it.” Business-savvy women know that doesn’t make for an effective strategy. Now, let's put this in the "Bride" perspective. If a bride is creating a website because everyone else is doing it, she is also creating it for the wrong reason. Business-savvy brides have constrained resources including limited time and budget. She shouldn’t waste precious resources on something that doesn’t do something for her or her guests. Link

Before you create your wedding website, consider what purpose the website would solve for the two of you. 

Four good reasons to create a wedding website include: 

1. Letting your Guests get to know you as a Couple 
If each of you haven't met the others family, setting up a website is a great way to introduce family members into your life as a married couple! Help them to get to know you by including bios of yourselves and your engagement story, quizzes about your experiences, or even photo albums which will make your guests feel more involved in your relationship and help them feel they know you better than they did before.

2. Out-of-Town Guest
Room-blck information, things to do, and local airports/taxis to help guests move around your wedding festivities. 

3. You want a simple invitation
A hot trend in invitations are pocket fold invitations, which is an invite with “pockets” to put in enclosures containing information about the wedding. For the Bride who prefers a more simple invitation, a wedding website is the perfect alternative to giving your guests information (i.e. Bridal registry, directions, cocktail hour info, etc.).

4. You’re green
Green, or environmentally-friendly, weddings are very popular as of late. If you’re looking to go paper free, a wedding website is your new bestfriend! Invitations and RSVPs can be sent electronically.

Regardless of why, if you and your fiancé decide a wedding website is a good fit,  here are a few sites for the two of you to check out! 

EWedding -
My Wedding - http://www.ewedding.ites
WedSite -
Sitting in Tree -