Picking the Perfect Venue!

Written by Decadent Details Assistant, Brianna Hammonds

As a little girl, you always dreamed about your Wedding Day. One major detail that you have to consider is where you will have your wedding. The venue is extremely important and one of the most significant planning choices you will have to make for your wedding. Before you decide on a location, there are a few factors to think about. Do you want an inside or outside ceremony, what is your style (Modern, Shabby Chic, Rustic), and approximately how many guests will attend the event.  Also when choosing a venue, don't only consider your style but also do your research on what is included. Just because the venue is only $1000 doesn't mean it's a better deal than the $5000 venue if the $5000 venue includes tables, chairs, etc. and the $1000 one doesn't.

Remember we are always here to help you find the perfect venue and vendors for
your style and your budget!