Rain on Your Wedding Day

Even though it's supposed to be good luck for it to rain on your wedding day, every Bride hopes it doesn't happen to her, especially if she plans a beautiful outdoor soirée! Although rain does change the original plan & look, it doesn't have to be the disaster you probably imagine.

When considering an outdoor wedding and reception,  we encourage our couples to choose a venue which also has an out of the weather "Plan B"  they love just as well!

This couple had plans to get married under a tree in the front yard of this venue and host their reception in this pavilion. Unfortunately Mother Nature had a different plan...they took it in stride and both agreed it didn't matter where they pledged their love for each other.

Their "Plan B" was breathtaking.

If an indoor option is not available at the venue you have fallen in love with, tents can provide shelter from the elements and can be dressed up to be quite beautiful! Look at these gorgeous options for ceremony and reception!

If there's a chance of rain, we also suggest purchasing umbrellas to coordinate with your color scheme for the "just in case". They are a cute option if  your ceremony is outdoors and the reception is inside. Umbrellas also make for an adorable photo op for you and your new husband!

Remember this is the first day of the rest of your life together...even if it rains! Make the best of it and enjoy each other in your celebration of love!