Adam & Leah

Every wedding touches our hearts but this one was a particular tearjerker and emotionally-attached wedding: the wedding of Susan's brother and beautiful wife-to-be!

Despite the tears and the reason behind them, it was absolutely the happiest day. Guests traveled from all over the U.S. to share this day of love and celebration!  We were all beaming from morning into the night.

Adam & Leah tell their story...


How We Met
We met five years ago in Alaska, while we were both working for the Riverboat Discovery. On his first day of work, our boss introduced us, since he knew we would be working together for the summer. We started talking and even dated for a couple of weeks.  When it came time for Leah to move to Utah, they both decided to not pursue a relationship at that time.  Two years later, they got back into touch, and Leah suggested that Adam come down to visit. After that first visit, they were inseparable and, as they say, "the rest is history"
When “IT” happened
Wednesday, February 27, 2013
The Engagement
Since Adam works in the drilling industry, work kept him away from home on Valentine's Day. When he came home for his week off, he told Leah to pack a couple days’ worth of clothing, including one nice outfit. After Leah's day at work, they were off to this secret escape. We arrived in Midway, Utah, where Adam had reserved the bridal suite at the Homestead Resort, and had made a crater soaking and dinner reservations for the day. After the soak (which was incredible) we got ready for dinner and were off to a little place called the Blue Boar Inn. We enjoyed dinner and drinks, and Adam kept wanting to say something. So, I asked what he was trying to say, and he went into how incredible our last year was together, and how we were essentially perfect for each other. From there, he got up, walked behind me, and got down on one knee right in the middle of the restaurant! I (obviously) said "yes", but we both decided not to plan anything until I was finished with school.  So, in mid-May, I bought my dress (well, mom did) and from then on we have been planning like crazy!

Wedding Planning

As a couple we enjoy romantic and intimate evenings out together. We wanted to create a simple and elegant atmosphere for our wedding to capture how we enjoy spending our time together. Our families and friends are important to us, and we chose to invite the closest of our family members and friends to create an intimate celebration. We wanted Love to be the theme of the wedding, and with inspiration from Leah's mom, we chose to use wedding photos from our family to showcase the Love of the people that have influenced our lives. We spent much time calling & texting Susan discussing details of our upcoming wedding day. For the rest of the decorations, we still wanted to keep it simple and elegant, so we chose rose petals, dim lighting, and minimal wall decorations. Our venue is a stage, and provided the needed lighting, wood floors, and large window for viewing Christmas lights and ice skaters. Our cake was also stripped down and beautiful. For the cake we wanted it to be lightly iced, resembling a birch tree, and decorated lightly with flowers. All of the flowers used for the wedding, including bouquets, were handpicked by Leah at the florist. She loves wild Iris and white Freesia, and we were able to incorporate them beautifully into flower arrangements for the sign in table and bouquets. For the ceremony, we wanted something simple to express our Love for each other. We planned an intimate ceremony to include a hands ceremony, and also a rose ceremony that involved our mothers participation.

What inspired you when planning your big day?

We always wanted something small and intimate with only our family and close friends. We went through a lot of magazines trying to get ideas, but everything we saw was grand, elaborate designs which didn't match our wants and needs. We followed our hearts and ended up with something more beautiful then we could ever imagine!

What was your favorite part of the day?

In reality, both the ceremony and reception were (at least our) favorite part of the day! Getting to experience this with the one that you commit your life is it not amazing?

What advise do you have for other couples?

Take it all in! It all goes by so incredibly fast you feel like you only saw your guests for 10 minutes. Also make sure you eat something at the reception! I remember getting to eat dinner, but only having a bite of the cake my husband and I shared when we cut it!


All of their planning was done with beauty, simplicity, and Love in mind. We are so honored Leah & Adam asked us to be a part of their special day and allowed us to orchestrate everything they had planned together with Love!

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