Wedding Day Glitz!

Written by Decadent Details Assistant, Hailey Diane Perry

Wedding day glitz! Brides everywhere love dressing up and getting dolled up for their special day. We understand that every bride will be different, some placing more or less importance on their make up, but it is not something to decide on last minute. Here are a few tips to get that perfect look you are aiming for.


Your big day is fast approaching! Stress is building up and a lot of changes are about to take place. First, take a deep breath. Next, gather the girls and pamper yourself. Take a day out to the spa with the bridesmaids and mothers. Take the time to relax and treat yourself. Free your mind from wedding thoughts and just enjoy the day with loved ones.


Most guests at the wedding are going to want to see the rings. Give your ring a little more sparkle and sophistication with a wedding manicure. As everything else, it can be tailored to your colors or style. Be a bride and treat yourself!


At first mention, most people think “you won’t see my feet.” But how many weddings have you been to where all the women want to see the shoes? Or maybe the photographer snaps a picture right before the garter toss and catches your feet in the shot. Or maybe the more common, taking those shoes off to dance and changing into a reception dress? There are a lot of situations that your toes can be seen by guests, so do not forget to glamour them up as well!


Easily one of the biggest bridal beauty questions, “how are you styling your make-up?” When making the make-up decision, consider your style and stay true to it. If you have decided on a soft and romantic feel, be sure that your make-up is going to coordinate well with your choice. We have gathered wedding make-up photographed, so that it can help you narrow your decision.

Soft is stunning.

Incorporate a metallic into your pallet.

Bold lips are beautiful. 

A smoke eye is perfect for dressing up a gow n.

Romantic blush is becoming.

Embrace a light lip color.

Elegance and sophistication make a gorgeous bride.

Pick a style that will suit you and that compliments your overall look.  If you want a red lip, go for it.  If you want a soft, more simple feel, incorporate a light blush.  Just remember to enjoy the process of getting all dolled up!  Take time to practice different looks with your stylists or bridesmaids.  Enjoy getting pampered!