Get Registered!

Written by Decadent Details Events Assistant, Hailey Diane Perry

Wedding registries have changed almost as much as wedding trends themselves.  Over the years, couples have changed from registering for complete china sets to cruises.  With all the items and registry possibilities out there, you and your fiancé might be feeling a little overwhelmed.  Don’t fret! We’ve compiled a list of registry tips that provide detailed help on all things registry.

Tip #1: Write out a list with your fiancé, before you register. Pre-writing a registry list will keep you “on-track” with what you need and want. The list can be compiled over days to insure that all of your thoughts have been written. It will also make decisions easier in the store or online while browsing.

Tip #2: Register early. Guests will buy early. You will want to give all of your guests plenty of time and notice to start buying.

Tip #3: Register at a variety of stores. If guests prefer buying in the store versus online, they will need to be able to access the store. Some specialty stores will be unavailable to some and make gift buying complicated for your friends and family. Large name retailers are always a great idea.

Tip #4: Register for gifts at a variety of prices. Your guests will be spending a variety of amounts. Best friends might want to spend more than a distant fourth cousin. Keep in mind that everyone is on a different budget, and you will want to accommodate for all.

Tip #5: Register for unique gifts that reflect you and your fiancé. This is a fun way to get knick-knacks you actually want. You and your fiancé are about to start a long journey of life together and unique gifts that reflect your “favorites” can bring initial joy to the new marriage.

Tip #6: Refrain from asking for “money” outright. If you are set on using your registry on a cruise or other “budget” expense, do it a less subtle way. If you create an online universal” registry, you can make an account for a labeled monetary gift whether it the honeymoon fund, home renovations, charities, or a number of other options. This will be more suitable than asking outright for money from friends and family.

Tip #7: Register for both traditional and non-traditional gifts. You will soon find out that those “traditional” registry items are useful. As a couple, you will be entertaining more and you will need that gravy bowl. However, do not feel like you are limited to whatever is listed on the registry guide. Do not be afraid to stray from the list if it is something you both want.

Tip #8: Compile an “ultimate” registry list online. This “ultimate” list can pull from single items at stores or sync entire registries with one click. MyRegistry.Com gives the user a free, compiled list and lays out your registry list in a simple manner. No guest can pass it up!

Tip #9: Post your registry lists online to the wedding webpage. By posting links to your registry, you make it easy and accessible for your guests to shop for you. Adding the registry list to the website also keeps your invitations clutter free from registry details.

Tip #10: Remember to write out your Thank-You letters. It is important that, as a couple, the newlyweds remember to send out Thank-You letters to their guests. It is always a kind gesture to show your appreciation for their love and support.

As a couple, the registry list should reflect the life you two are building together. Include gifts that reflect your interests, but also consider gifts that are traditional and might come to good use. Be creative with your registry and do not limit yourself. We understand the stress and time it takes dealing with gifts and registries, so we hope you find these tips helpful and insightful.