What To Do With All That Wedding Stuff

Written by Decadent Details Events Assistant, Hailey Perry

So the wedding day is over, you are back from the honeymoon, and now you have all this stuff. We are not talking gifts, just all the extra wedding day decorations, invitations, centerpieces, photos galore, and the other ceremonial pieces. Now you are thinking, “just what am I going to do with all of this?” Use it, sell it, or give it away, just do not pack it all up in storage.

Between you and the groom, there will already be an overflow of gifts, furniture, clothes, and furnishings that will need to be put away and stored. Take your wedding items as an opportunity to decorate the house or to make some cash. Here are a few tips on what to do with all the wedding day items.

The Vows

Have your vows placed on a canvas as wall art. You can have your vows put onto plates, pillows, or even made into a little book. Your vows have meaning and not all the visitors in your home will have attended your wedding, so what better way to show off the love in your marriage.

The Gown

If you are not attached to your dress, reselling is popular or donating it to a cause like Brides Against Breast Cancer or for military brides with Brides across America. However if you are attached to it, keep it. One day a daughter or daughter-in-law might want to wear your gown. Until that day, you can frame it. You can have it framed professionally, or do it yourself to save money. We know the dress is a big deal, so make it just that.

The Centerpieces

If you buy centerpieces or make them, you might want to think about what you will be doing with them afterward, verses just renting them. If you incorporate vases or other decorations, use them in your house. If you have ample, give a few to the honored guests. Think creatively and show those gorgeous pieces off.

The Shoes

Wear them again! When you deciding on your wedding shoe, choose something that you can wear again and again. No shoe deserves to just be worn once. No matter the color or style you choose, it is certain that you will be able to wear them again with another stunning outfit.

The Bouquet
You can preserve a floral bouquet in many different ways. You can have it professionally done or you can do it by plucking the petals and arranging it yourself. If you have a brooch bouquet, use it as decor in your office or bedroom. It can serve as an heirloom item for your kids or grandkids.

The Music

If you hand selected all of the music played at your wedding, have it put on a cd to keep and listen to again and again. Whether you and your husband are celebrating your anniversary, driving around in the car, or whether you two are just dancing in the living room, the music holds memories close to your heart. You can even detail your cd to make it extra special!

The Rest

Feel free to create a “snap shot” shadow box! Take an invitation add the garter and veil and few wedding photos, and all of the guests who come into your home can visualize your perfect day.

Another tip on keeping your overflow of items down is take into consideration when planning decor if you already own pieces or furniture that can be used.  It will not only save you money, but will keep you from having “left-overs” that you have no use for.  The possibilities for your wedding items are endless.  Get creative and keep things you want, it is okay to get rid of the rest.  Have fun saving your wedding memorabilia!