Veils, Veils, Veils

Written by Decadent Details Assistant, Hailey Perry

So you have found your wedding gown, and now it is time to choose accessories to match. Veils have played a key role in weddings for years. Historically, a veil was thought to protect a bride from bad spirits. Now, we see it as another traditional adornment of a beautiful bride. Bride’s have endless choices when it comes to deciding on their veil, however there are factors to determine the right look. You want a beautiful veil, but it must be in proportion with your overall look. Take time to consider your gown style and color, embellishments, hairstyle, and the venue before deciding on a veil.

Your Dress

Every bride falls in love with a dress, and it is important to remember you want to be seen radiantly in your dress. If your dress has a certain detail or embellishment that you want to be visible, do not cover it up with your veil. However, if you have chosen a more simple dress and wish to dress it up with a detailed veil be aware of that as well.

Too much detail is considered messy and chaotic, so keep that in mind. If your dress is detailed and highly embellished, a simple veil will complete your look without it looking like there is too much going on. Vice versa, if your dress is simple, you might pick an intricate veil to complete your look.

Whether your have chosen a gown that is classic, romantic, or sophisticated, a veil should always work as an accessory to the look and tie in with details to complete your stunning aesthetic.

Different Types of Veils

Bird Cage Veil - very short veils that do not extend past the chin. If your bridal gown has a high neck detail, a detailed back, or an embellished neckline, this type of veil can work well.

Shoulder Length Veil - shoulder length veils are around 20 inches in length. They are perfect for dresses that have bust, waist, or lower back details. They provide just enough to not overpower your gown.
Elbow Length Veil - approximately 25 inches long and true to its name, this veil falls to around the elbow. They can dress up a romantic ball gown style dress, offering an end where the fullness in the skirt begins.

Fingertip Length Veil - one of the most popular lengths, reaching around your fingertips at about 36 inches. They are popular because they can work with most dress designs.

Ballet Length Veil - can run from around 60 to 72 inches. They begin at the knee and go to the floor or ankle. They are great accessories to full length gowns that do not have a train.

Chapel Length Veil - slightly shorter then cathedral veils, just draping the flood. They are typically around 90 inches in length. They are best paired with dresses that feature a simple train.

Cathedral Length Veil - the longest length and most formal, these veils are usually around 120 inches long and some extend up to nine feet along the ground. They work best with full length, classic wedding gowns without a train.  They add a very detailed and delicate look to any gown.


Your veil should be a remarkable accessory, so make sure it matches. You do not want your veil to be shades off from your gown. Make sure your supplier will match the color of your gown. You can also work with a glossy, shimmer look that will add a feminine touch to any gown.


You will be spending time on your hair before the wedding. Consider this when selecting a veil. If you want to show off your “do” you will want a light veil. If you are wanting more focus on the veil, pick a hairstyle that will not distract or cause the “messy” look.

Wedding Venue

Think about the venue. You do not want to be sweating outside all day under a veil, or the veil to be blown around by the wind. You also do not want to give a small venue a more crowded look with a cathedral veil. However, if you are in a rather large room that could use a little more detail to create the romantic feel, a long and detailed cathedral veil would be perfect.

Pick the perfect veil.  It is a fabulous accessory to compliment the bride’s attire and will add a romantic aspect to any ceremony.  With all the different styles to choose from, you will be sure to find a veil that is perfect for you.