Tips on How to Compile Your Guest List

Written by Decadent Details Assisant, Hailey Perry

It’s the wedding topic every couple hates to discuss, but for most it’s essential... how to compile the best guest list.  So, how do you determine who gets an invite and who doesn’t.  It can be a tough issue, but for brides who want an small intimate wedding or brides who are working on a budget, it is very important.

After doing some research of my own, here is a compiled list of ten tips to determining who is in and who is out.

1. Pre-determine the number of people you can invite. Whether it’s the venue capacity, or your own budget, you and your groom must decide on a realistic number of attendees.

2. Sit down with your fiance and make two categories. One for “must invite” such as family and close friends, and the second for “want to invite”. This will allow you to visually see what kind of numbers you are working with.

3. Since the first group were “must invite”, deduct that number from your pre-determined guest number. That will be how many you can afford or fit in from the second category.

4. Do not feel obligated to invite family that you are not close with. It’s hard to leave off family, but your fourth cousin, most likely, is not that close of a friendship.

5. Do not feel pressured to invite all of your work colleagues. As happy as they are for you and your fiance, They will understand guest number restraints.

6. Distance will affect whether your guest can make it or not. Ask yourself, “Will he or she possibly make it to attend?” If your answer is no, then scratch them off the list, and just send them a wedding picture.

7. While high school and college friends are great to share memories with, are they exactly who you want to spend your celebration with. You do not need to feel pressured to invite the entire class of 2004, just invite the friends you are still close with.

8. While your parents are a part of your special day, there is no need to invite all of their friends. Family friends are great, but if you are looking to cut down your guest list, remember that both you and your fiance are wanting to invite your own friends.

9. Do not let social media run away with your list. Yes, you might have 2,000 friends on Facebook, but are you actually close to those people? Plus, they will see your posted pictures online!

10. Lastly, if you are looking for a small intimate wedding or if you are on a budget, look at doing away with the “plus one”. It is not ideal, but if you are working with a specific number, it might be essential.

We hope that this process will be as painless as it can possibly be, or that you already have your perfect guest number. If not, we hope these tips will help you in compiling your perfect guest list!