The Sweetheart Table Trend

Written by Decadent Details Assistant, Hailey Perry

The Sweetheart Table is a nice alternative to sitting the couple in the midst of the crowd. It allows for a more intimate feel and an exclusively designed table for two. It also allows for guests who may be leaving early to find the couple together for pictures or for a sweet goodbye without seeming intrusive towards other guests. Personalize your Sweetheart Table to the style of your wedding. Here are a few different takes on the Sweetheart Table in a number of various stylish weddings.

-The Elegant Wedding Style

-The Shabby Chic Wedding Style

-The Outdoor Wedding Style

-The Romantic/Intimate Wedding Style

-The Modern Contemporary Wedding Style

Feel free to accessorize your table with anything from photos of you and the groom to an  extraordinary centerpiece.  Include a designed backdrop or nice focal point to be seated in front of.  The Sweetheart Table is an intimate way to enjoy your first meal together as Mr. & Mrs.!