Loving Lace

Written by Decadent Details Events Assistant, Hailey Perry

Lace is a traditional wedding fabric. After years and years of normal uses, creative minds have came up with ways to add lace to about any aspect of a wedding. Lace brings a subtle and romantic feel. Despite your style, elegant, sophisticated, traditional, contemporary, or even the new shabby-chic, lace can be incorporated to add that feminine look to any bride’s special day.

We usually see lace most used in the bride’s attire. Either the dress or veil has lace incorporated. But nowadays, there is more and more ways to have that lace look without binding yourself to a strict lace attire. Here are a few different lace items to browse through for inspiration.

A lace wedding gown is a timeless treasure.

A lace shrug can create a romantic look for a dress of any fabric, allowing for unlimited options

Veils can be detailed in a variety of lace constru ctions.

A lace bouquet offers a nice alternative to the normal floral look.

Whether candle or floral, lace can be incorporated into a variety of centerpiece choices.

Want to dress up your invitations with a more romantic feel?  Consider wrapping them in a lace binding.

Edible lace?  Is there anything better?  Enjoy your elegant, contemporary, or even shabby-chic cake with some lace detail.

Give your bridesmaids a little lace!  A nice lace necklace or lace clutch are perfect gifts that any bridesmaid can use again and again.

Accessorize with lace!  Shoes, garters, boutonnieres and gloves are perfect lace items that can bring a touch of romance to any gown.

Lace will remain lovely and timeless in weddings.  When it comes to decor, be different and think about the different ways you can incorporate the lovely lace into your special day.