Keep Calm & Hire A Planner!

Written by Decadent Details Assistant, Hailey Perry

Just how important are wedding planners?  Well, if you had the chance to come by our booth at the Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal Show this past weekend, you saw our huge "To Do" list.  The only exaggeration, was the physical size!  We understand that planning your big day can be a stress and that is where we come in.   We spoke to many brides, each with a different need.  Whether you need full inclusive planners, or month-of coordination, we tailor to each bride! We love weddings and we understand how important your "Big Day" is! If your list looks anything like this?  We would love to talk.

As wedding coordinators, we understand the chaos that will take place on your big day. We want to take that stress from your shoulders to allow you the time to create the memories you want to make with your family and special guests. If you are a DIY Bride, you might be thinking you have a handle on all that is going on around you. While that might be true, we urge you to think in advance to the day of your wedding and how your day will be coordinated, and more importantly, by whom. We would love the opportunity to ensure that your special day run smoothly. Think about our team when planning your wedding day. 
 Keep Calm & Hire a Planner!