Brooch Bouquets

Written by Decadent Details Events Assistant, Hailey Perry

I first noticed the trending Brooch Bouquets when I saw the magazine spread of Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton’s wedding in May of 2011.  Since then, the trend has only gained hype and with good rea son.  The brooch bouquet allows for the bride to hold on to family heirlooms and look astonishing doing so.  Here’s a look at Miranda and her own bridal bouquet...both are very beautiful!

So what if you’re a bride with no brooches?  No worries, you can find brooches everywhere.  If you are the crafty bride-to-be, you can make one yourself.  This way you can ensure your bouquet includes all of your favorite and family jewelry.  This link includes the designing process, and extra ideas on how to personalize your bouquet.

The DIY requires time, and if you are planning a wedding, that’s the one thing you probably do not have much of. Of course you can buy brooch bouquets already made. Etsy is a big seller of handmade bouquets. You can browse hundreds of pre-made and custom-made brooch bouquets to match your own wedding colors and style.

No matter the colors or theme you choose, a brooch bouquet can be the perfect w ay to personalize your day.  You can cherish these bouquets for a lifetime, and even hand them down to your children!