Something old...

Something old, something new,
Something borrowed, something blue,

And a silver sixpence in her shoe.

Brides everywhere know all about this tradition
and most try to find unique ways to incorporate it!
We have decided to focus on
Something Blue
and share some of our favorite ideas with you!

1. Shoes

2. Flowers

3. Garter

4. Blue Ink

A few variation of this...


have your bridesmaids, best girlfriends, family give you their best wishes...

what an awesome keepsake this makes!

5. Blue polished toes

6. Ring: A sapphire engagement ring, like the one worn by Kate Middleton.

7. Dress: If you are a little daring...Surprise your guests with a sky-hued gown.

9. Lingerie: Only you and your hubby will know...



10. Headpiece...we love the idea of a little blue in the headpiece or veil.

11. Ribbon: Wrap flower stems in rich cerulean velvet.

12. Handkerchief: Use midnight-colored thread to embroider your new initials in one corner.

Have you picked your "something blue" yet? Please share what your "something blue" will be!