Wedding Rain Check!

Written by Decadent Details Assistant, Kayla Darks

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Every little detail is planned and perfected so the day runs smoothly without any bumps in the road. But what about in the sky? The one thing we cannot control is the Weather. Living in Tennessee, we have all seen how weather can change in an instant!

Our Couple Mrs. and Mr. Austin Turner got firsthand experience in wedding day weather problems this past weekend. The morning started out as a gorgeous sunny spring day. Once the Bride was ready and started taking pictures, it suddenly began to shower. Here are 5 suggestions which might help you weather the storm!

1. Be sure to have a backup plan. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding and you think there is any possibilities of rain interfering with your special day, then consider having an indoor location to move the ceremony to or have a tent ready for the celebration.

2. Make the call early. No one wants to change their dream day plans but if there is a high chance for rain the day of your outdoor wedding, the earlier the call is made the better preparations can be made to accommodate the situation

3. Whatever you do, be sure to keep your guest comfortable. Your friends and family want to celebrate with you and they want you to be happy. However being stuck in the rain when your all dressed up is anything but comfortable. If there is a chance of rain on your wedding day and a tent is out of the question, consider having plenty of umbrellas or canopies to keep everyone dry. I always thought the idea of bridesmaids in colorful raincoats would be unique wedding fashion statement!

4. Don’t freak out. A little weather cannot entirely ruin the most important day of your life! Leave all the stress to your wedding coordinator.

5. Last but not least! Run with it! Some of my favorite wedding pictures are under unique circumstances such as rain. I have always wanted to see a picture of bridesmaids in colorful raincoats with the bride! If you have a great photographer and willing to get creative, there are endless possibilities to capturing your rainy-day memories!