Theme Thursday – Medieval Wedding

Written by Decadent Details Assistant, Kayla Darks

What girl hasn’t pictured a knight in shining armor coming to her rescue once upon a dream? I think bringing medieval aspects into a wedding can create a great theme! Just picture taking your wedding back to a time of romance and grand gestures, and where chivalry meant everything. Now, I am not suggesting that you hold a jousting tournament or have your groom wear an actual suit of armor, but by incorporating details from the medieval era, you can create a very elegant affair fit for royalty.                                                                                                                                       
Start with the wedding venue. You don’t have to have a castle to feel like a princess. Any type of historical building, such as an old church, or a beautiful garden can have just enough royal style without going way over the top.  Even without a historic venue, you can host a terrific event anywhere with the right decorations and atmosphere.
When it comes to the decorations, try a lot of deep royal colors such as shades of blue, purple, or gold. Also incorporating lots of wild flowers and even bold strands of Ivy can help to create your own palace for the reception area. A perk of deep red roses can give off a very sophisticated feeling to the space as well. You can also try adding a special sweethearts table with king and queen inspired chairs and centerpieces. A medieval wedding is also the perfect theme to create a modern day “feast”, better known as a buffet, which tends to be much simpler than having a seated dinner.  Attempting a medieval the can be quite tricky to pull off as an elegant affair. It is very easy to go overboard with this theme. Make sure to focus on the medieval time period as more of an inspiration, rather than hosting your own back yard renaissance fair. And enjoy being royalty on your special day!