Let’s get creative: Who’s Here?

Written by Decadent Details Assistant, Kayla Darks

Why not add a little bit of creativity to your special day? A great place to start is with the guest book. I personally love the idea of deviating from the traditional book and list of names, to a more imaginative approach.

A new and very fun idea for an alternative guest book is using pictures instead of just writing down names. Your guest can still sign their name, but also they are leaving you with a photographic memory from the day and also a personal message, piece of advice, or funny caption can go along with the photo. You can get really creative with this idea. Ask your photographer if they offer a photo booth option, or you can create your own DIY version! Bringing in different props for the pictures such as wigs, funny glasses, or caption bubbles can add a little extra flair to your new inventive guest book as well!

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Another creative alternative to a guest book is asking guest to sign a bottle of the couple’s favorite wine! The couple can then enjoy this wonderful keepsake on a special anniversary years later! Try adding a picture of the couple on the bottle or a cute saying, such as “Like a good bottle of wine, our marriage will only get sweeter with age.”                                     


My favorite new guestbook idea is, with the help of your guest, creating a wishing tree. Prepare by purchasing or creating your own unique tags where each guest can write a small note of advice or encouragement to the newlyweds or simply a wish of happiness for the couple. These tags can then be hung upon a purchased, real or fake plant or an actual tree, depending on the venue’s location and the couple’s own style.

There are so many ways to create a fun alternative to a guestbook. You can purchase puzzle pieces that guest can sign and when arranged together can be a special shape or create the couple’s wedding date. Using a vintage typewriter, or writing on an instrument or any sort of special item to the couple is another alternative. Keep these creative ideas in mind when planning your big day!