Winter Wedding

Written by Decadent Details Events Assistant, Anna Hamilton

Ever thought about having a winter wedding?!  I honestly cannot think back on many instances where I have attended a wedding in the winter time.... but ya know what?!  One day I hope to have my dream wedding in the winter.  What I have envisioned for my winter wedding consists of a lot of lights and red accents, which would be through the flowers, centerpieces, etc. 

I think the seating arrangement in this picture is so cool and beautiful with the trees and lights surrounding the chairs. The red accents here are in the floor and the drapes, which I really love!

This is pretty, too, as it consists of the chairs being decorated, but I still love the touch of red being involved like in the other image. Comparing the two is a great way to select exactly what you like. Just by seeing these two pictures has allowed me to gather more ideas on how I would like just the seating arrangement and the decorations to go along with them.

What shall we look at next -- Centerpieces? Reception décor?

The image above is a gorgeous centerpiece that could be added onto the tables at the reception. 

This picture shows me that the majority of this kind of look is created just by the lighting, garland, and red bows. Look at what a statement it makes! 

Also, it’s amazing how much the color of linens at a reception add to the atmosphere. I love the red with the gold touches!
Wanna have a winter wedding now???

It is not everyone’s style, but I hope you have been able to see how a winter wedding can be just as spectacular as any other wedding held during a different time of the year.