We’re Married – Now what???

Written by Decadent Details Events Assistant, Anna Hamilton

“Marriage is a lifelong commitment and it requires patience, sacrifice, respect, good and open communication, compromise, endless love, forgiveness, giving each other the benefit of the doubt, loyalty, kindness and trust”.  Source

It is only common for couples to go through rough patches at some point in their marriage, though that does not need to be mistaken for not loving each other anymore. There are ways to maintain a healthy relationship which consist of effort involving both people. 

Keeping a marriage alive is crucial in maintaining a healthy relationship so it doesn’t seem as if it is just a label.

Ways to keep your marriage on the right track can be done by:

• Developing the same kinds of interests
• Having a date night once a week

• Surprising one another with little gifts

• Attending a church that each are comfortable with

• Having a “Supper Club” monthly

 All of these are just recommendations, though it is certainly not all it is limited to. There are many other activities that you and your partner may enjoy together on a regular basis- I’m just throwing out some ideas and being that reminder!

If you and your partner already have the same interests- great; if not, you may want to seriously consider taking part in whatever else it is that makes them happy…other than you.  Date nights can be something each of you look forward to on a weekly basis, so by going to the movies, out to eat, or even playing putt-putt golf every Tuesday is a way to ensure that fun activities are on your agenda. Surprises are the best…in my opinion at least. What’s better than receiving an unexpected gift? This doesn’t mean it has be some lavish gift either. More importantly, it’s the thought that counts.

Going to a “supper club” on a monthly basis will help you to enjoy one another while being around other couples. There’s nothing wrong with needing to be surrounded by others sometimes and having a “supper club” will guarantee that.

Hope you have some great ideas on how to keep your marriage at its finest!!!