Glamorous Bride

Written by Decadent Details Assistant, Anna Hamilton

Want to add some sparkle to your wedding attire? No problem! Here are some different ideas that will have you looking and feeling glamorous:

• Hair Jewelry – (love em’!)

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·       Bling earrings

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·       Fancy Necklaces


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Your style dress could be a huge help in deciding which awesome accessory(s) you choose to show off on your wedding day.  For instance, if you have a high-collared neckline then you might not want to go the fancy necklace route; but if you will be wearing a strapless dress style, then you can just about get away with any accessory you want.  So, don’t forget to let your dress be one of the main deciding factors! ...... OR, if you already have THE most amazing accessory and you can’t live without wearing it on your wedding day, then you already know what to do—choose the dress accordingly- make sure it will go with that magnificent piece!

What do you think of this “very vogue” look? I LOVE it! The feathers make such a statement, even without any other piece of jewelry. So, keep that in mind—doesn’t mean you have to go with feathers in your hair, but if you do have a wonderful hair piece- don’t take away from it by having another distracting piece of jewelry on with it.

It doesn’t matter how much bling you decide to or to not wear, just be sure you feel GLAMOROUS!!!