Honeymoon Fashions!

Written by Decadent Details Events Assistant, Anna Hamilton


With all the hassle going on trying to make sure your wedding day is going to be perfect, do you ever stop and take a moment to truly think about what to wear during your honeymoon? This is different than thinking, “oh yeah I guess I’ll take this...might as well throw that in the bag...etc.” This is not what I mean- It’s definitely a bigger deal than that! Your honeymoon should be just as extraordinary as your wedding day and dressing to impress helps make that moment more special. I mean really, when you think about it your honeymoon is the time you will be spending with that one person you adore and love the most without any other distractions such as family members, friends, and so on. So, planning outfits for the honeymoon can be just as important as picking out what your bridesmaids will be wearing during the ceremony. My guess is that you’ve thought about how fun and relaxing the honeymoon will be, though probably haven’t placed much thought on what you will be wearing during that other important time in your life. Am I correct?

Okay, down to business- it doesn’t matter if you will be honeymooning in Bora Bora or Colorado, you still need to stand out as the bride just as you do on the day of your wedding. Whether you are sailing on a boat or riding horses, be sure to have on that impeccable outfit. You might be thinking, “I can’t be dressed that cute riding a horse.” Well, actually you can! Here’s an idea, go for that sexy Ralph Lauren riding look and you’ll have it made. By this, I am referring to pressed “skinny” pants, flat “riding style” boots, and your choice of top. Just as long as it is starched to perfection and isn’t just an old rag t-shirt, you’ll be good.

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