Falling in Love

Written by Decadent Details Events Assistant, Kasey Kermeen

Although there are hundreds of themes to choose from when planning your wedding, you can never go wrong with Mother Nature. The beauty of fall is quickly approaching and autumn themed weddings are more popular than ever this year. Not only does a fall themed wedding create the opportunity for stunning outdoor wedding pictures, but the décor possibilities are endless! From pumpkins and leaves, to a wide variety of floral arrangements, this theme is sure to impress all of your friends and family down to the very last detail.

Another benefit of a fall wedding theme is all of the color options! Though most would consider the traditional colors to include brown, red, and orange there are so many other shades that will make your wedding one of a kind! Incorporating greens, purples, and even pinks into your more common fall colors will brighten your floral arrangements, bridesmaid dresses and venue decorations.

No matter what theme you choose for your wedding, remember that it’s all about having fun with the one you love the most!