Independence Day Soiree!

Planning a 4th of July party? Take your celebration to a new level of WOW!  Here are some hip, elegant ways to decorate for your Independende Day Soiree!

This tablescape pops with a patriotic theme without being too busy.  It is very clean, elegant and still has a fun, inviting feel to it.

Of course you cannot go wrong with traditional hot dogs and hamburgers.  What could be more American right!?!  We couldn’t agree more however there is nothing wrong with stepping it up a bit either.  Surprise your guests with some grilled chicken or shrimp to go along with a caprese salad!

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Love, love, love the idea of having three dfferent signature drinks to serve to guests.  We chose LemonDrop Martinis, Champagne Pomegranate Cocktail and Blue Hawaiian to continue our color theme. Recipes

Champagne Pomegranate Cocktail
4 cups crushed ice
2 cups pomegranate juice
½ cup ginger ale
¼ cup brandy
1 (750-milititer) bottle Champagne or sparkling wine
Pomegranate seeds (optional)
Combine the first 5 ingredients in a pitcher. Makes 8 one cup servings. Garnish with seeds, if desired.

Lemon Drop Martini
1 1/2 oz Grey Goose® vodka
1/2 oz triple sec
1 tsp superfine sugar
3/4 ozfreshly squeezed lemon juice
Mix the Grey Goose vodka, triple sec, sugar and lemon juice in a cocktail shaker half filled with ice cubes. Shake well to make sure sugar is blended.

Blue Hawaiian
1 oz Light Rum
1 oz Blue Curacao
2 oz Pineapple Juice
1 oz Cream of Coconut (optional)
Can be served straight up, over ice, or blended.
Combine all ingredients in cocktail shaker with ice, shake well, and serve in a Collins glass.

Last but not least for sure is dessert.  There are many ways you can serve up a little red, white and blue at the end of such a delicious celebration!  Here are just a few favorites! 

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