The Orange Shoes

Our “Green Bride”, Melissa, wore her mother's veil and had jewelry from women in her family melted down and formed to create her wedding band.

Bamboo plates and flatware rolled up inside a recycled paper bag.

Invitations made from flower-seed paper that guests could plant after the wedding and; Tennessee Orange wine!

Melissa is a huge UT of course, she wore orange shoes which her groom, Brandon, picked out for her!

Melissa's additional eco-friendly and/or DIY's within her wedding day:
  • Uncle Bobby catered BBQ
  • Aunt Regina created beautiful floral decor
  • Mom, JoAnn, baked and decorated over 150 cupcakes
  • Birdseed favors handmade by Bride and Groom
  • Centerpieces created by Bride's Dad, Mike 
  • Table runners hand stitched by Bride's Mom, JoAnn 
  • Flower children wagon beautifully painted and decorated by Bride's parents 
Wedding Coordinators:  Decadent Details Events
Venue:  Chestnut Hill Ranch Bed and Breakfast
Photographer:  Meishach Moore
Florist:  Regena Bullion
Caterer:  Uncle Bobby's BBQ