Choosing the Best Fitting Tux

Every lady knows what makes a “Sharp Dressed” Man…it’s his style! And gentlemen, your wedding day is no exception. So to look as spectacular as your bride wants you too, make sure you choose the right tux to fit your style, body type and event.

When choosing a tux or suit, finding a good tux store and working with a tailor is essential. Although jacket size and inseam are important, choosing the right style for your body type is too! Check out these classy styles for the four basic body types.

Tall slender build or medium height guys can choose just about any style of tux and look great. Thinner men look great in a double breasted jacket. Ask the tailor to add some padding to the shoulders and bring the jacket in a bit at the waist to help give you a more muscular physique. The trouser will look best if the legs are a little fuller and the rise sits higher on the waist.

For the guy who is tall and muscular or a little husky, a shawl collar jacket is the best choice. The jacket should be single breasted because a double breasted jacket draws the eye to the center making the mid-section look wider. Having the right fitting shirt and tie are equally important. For those with a thick neck, avoid a wing tip shirt and be sure that your tie is not too thin - but you don’t want it looking like butterfly wings either. A vest is better than a cummerbund if you are a little on the husky side because they look and feel less constricting.

A shorter stockier guy should choose a single-breasted, shawl collar jacket with the button placed around the belt line to help make the torso appear longer and leaner. Also, do not add extra padding - your own shoulder line will help to make you look less broad in pictures. The leg of the trousers should be as long as possible without looking like they are unfinished, making the trouser leg and shoe appear seamless. By angling the pant leg toward the back, the legs will appear to look longer. A vest is a better choice than the traditional cummerbund for those on the heavier side.

A single breasted jacket with the button hung low is great for the shorter thin guy. This jacket will help lengthen the line of your look. A notched or “peak” lapel or double breasted jacket will help give the effect of a broader chest. Pleated trousers are the best choice and the legs should angle slightly downward in the back to help give the illusion of length. Smaller bow ties and vests with an elegant understated pattern are the best choice for this guy. 

Remember, regardless of whether you choose traditional or trendy, take the time to choose the right tux so she is proud of her “sharp dressed” man!