What are you doing to better your life?

Getting married? Starting a new job? Getting a college degree? Buying a house? Whatever your future holds, be sure you do it with a plan! Make a task list of items that need to be done today, next week, next month, and finally, the day before the big event, so the first day of the rest of your life will be awesome!

Perhaps you are planning a wedding. Make a list of all the vendors you need – wedding consultant, venue, officiant, photographer, florist, cake, caterer, tables & chairs, etc. But don’t forget a list with little things like music, unity candle, guest book & whatever else your heart desires for that special day. Check your list 3 times on the day before to ensure everything is marked off.

Say you’ve already been on the final job interview & given the offer of a lifetime, make a list of clothing items you may need to update your wardrobe, review any necessary material to familiarize yourself with your new position, take picture ID’s with you on your 1st day, then do your job & do it well!

Maybe you’re in an amazing 6-figure position but you just want a little something more. Many colleges & universities offer night, weekend & online classes so you’ve decided to get a/another degree. Your plan of action might be to list out all of the possible colleges that your current employer will help pay tuition for, then list the colleges that are within ease of driving in case you need to take exams on campus, then take a look at your budget to decide which college you will choose to be a future alumni of! Make a list of To Do’s that include talking to an advisor, touring the campus, registering for classes, purchasing books, pens, pencils, calculator, binders, paper, etc, then get online & meet your new classmates. You never where class acquaintances might be able to take you down your career path later on!

So you are ready to buy a house! Have you made your list yet? List possible lenders you find appealing online & local then do your homework. List out possible realtor agencies you have seen good referrals about, then read the bio’s of their agents & add the ones to your list that sound as if they might just “get you”. Add to your list appointment dates you’ve made with your top 3 agent picks. Once you’ve selected an agent, make a list of what you want in a new house. Now check off your task list as you go along & always keep the list of necessities as you tour different houses so that you end up with a “home” you will be happy in for many years to come!

According to WikiHow (http://www.wikihow.com/Make-an-Effective-Task-Listhttp://www.wikihow.com/Make-an-Effective-Task-List): “Bringing the important things into your day to day life stumps many people. If you want to accomplish things but you never "get around to it," lists are a little helper. This is extremely effective and yet remarkably easy to implement. This concept has worked for others in times of plenty and times of drought. The process is to focus on small steps on a consistent basis, and track the result.”

So start those lists & always have a plan – you will never regret it!