The Bachelor and Bachelorette Rings

Choices...choices...oh the choices!  How do you decide on the perfect wedding ring?  Is it cost, style, clarity, faucets, or just the good ol' "that's the one" statement?  

Ed proposed to Jillian with a pear shaped center stone engagement ring with six baguette-cut diamonds surrounding the center stone.  Very elegant!   

It only took Jason to look at three different rings, when he decided on a three-carat marquise-cut diamond engagement ring to propose to Molly with.  Oh but let's not forget the details - 1.94 carat center stone encrusted with 170 smaller diamonds!  This surely is something royalty would lean towards.  Who would have ever thought it would need to be swapped just a few weeks later!   ;) 
But have you seen what Jake proposed to Vienna with?!  A princess-cut, platinum diamond engagement ring with a 2.02 carat center stone set with 70 diamonds.  Every bride's dream - the largest diamond among all of her friends!  

Diamonds are graded according to the 4Cs:  carat weight, colour, clarity, and cut and it is these criteria that determine the stones value.  But you may also consider the type of hand the ring will be adorning for many years to come:  
  • Long fingers -- Round rings are often the most flattering 
  • Short fingers -- Marquise shape can add the illusion of length; along with; pear or teardrop shapes 
  • Narrow fingers -- Thicker band styles and rings with small stones help add horizontal lines 
  • Wide fingers -- Wider types of marquise styles, round stones in larger settings and cluster-styles so that not too much skin shows on each side 
  • Large hands -- Larger rings, maybe even chunky ring styles 
  • Small hands -- Small heart-shaped, oval, round or square stones are all flattering 

No matter which ring you choose, always be certain to match the bride's personality.  This tiny little circle of love is sure proof of the fact that the groom was "the one"!