Cheers to 1 Year! Congratulations Rebecca & Jurel

A year ago today, we had the honor of watching this beautiful couple tie the knot! We had a blast helping them plan their beautiful wedding day! There were so many personal touches which made their day special! From the backdrop for their ceremony built by Rebecca's Dad, the china on each table which Rebecca's Mom collected, the awesome Eagle's themed rehearsal dinner planned by Jurel's Mom, the signs for the wedding were created by the bride herself. It was an absolutely beautiful day! 

We have enjoyed watching your love grow over the last year and know it will only continue to grow stronger with each passing year!  We thank you for letting us be a part of your beautiful day! 

Happy 1st Anniversary, Rebecca & Jurel! 

Thank you to all of the amazing vendors who helped us make their beautiful dream day come true! 

  • Wedding Planners - Decadent Details Events
  • Ceremony & Reception – Saddle Woods Farm
  • Officiant – Brother Terry Carver
  • DJ – Snyder Entertainment
  • Phographer – Lane Photography
  • Draping – Warrington & Company
  • Florist – Green Finch Floral Design
  • Caterer – Wildberry Catering
  • Bartending - SmedeEvents
  • Hair & Make-up – Elizabeth Buikema
  • Videographer – Joey von Haege

Don't know what to do with your flowers?

Flowers are a beautiful part of any wedding or event! You've put a lot of time and money into your wedding centerpieces and other florals for your special day! Hate the idea of them being thrown away after your celebration? Donate them! There is an organization in Nashville called the Petal Project who will pick up your flowers after your reception and repurpose them with the help of many volunteers.  Petal Project helps your flowers live on and puts a smile on many faces. 

The Petal Project is comprised of a group of volunteers and residents of Lantern at Morning Pointe of Brentwood who donate their time to Petal Project. We work with local Nashville florists - particularly Geny's Wholesale, event planners and other available resources who offer their flowers and vases to Petal Project. Flowers donated from these organizations, businesses, and people are those that have not been sold prior to the stores receiving freshly cut flowers or that were used at a recent event. These flowers are still in great condition and our volunteers collect and arrange them into individual bouquets and then deliver them to assisted living patients around Nashville, TN . The Petal Project's goal is to deliver love and smiles to those that need it most. 

If you are interested in donating your flowers or need more information please send them an email  on Facebook or contact Rebecca Kewley Holladay at or visit them at

Our couple from this past weekend donated 10 centerpieces and other assorted florals to the Petal Project and they were able to make 33 arrangements which were delivered to assisted living facilities in the Nashville area!  

 Donated Centerpieces   Flowers by lma Designs

Donated Centerpieces
Flowers by lma Designs

Here are examples of some of the beautiful centerpieces which were made from the donated centerpieces pictured above. 


Do my colors really matter?

Written by Decadent Details Events Assistant, Sarah Hamilton

“Whatever the case, it’s always best to follow some basic guidelines...”

"Enjoy the hunt for those perfect colors, and make sure the decision is yours and has not been swayed by anyone else...." 


"Use the seasons to your advantage, and play with different combinations..." 

Picking your color scheme and sticking to it

Let's be honest. When you think of your big day you already see about eighty percent of it etched in your mind, down to the last detail. In that remaining twenty percent, however, may include your final menu options, final hair style, and (of course) nailing down the final color scheme you want your ladies to be showcasing when it's time to stroll down the aisle.

So what will it be: A gentle pink, with a hints of off white or maybe grey accents? An eye popping green? A ferocious fuchsia?

Whatever the case, it's always best to follow some basic guidelines:

1. WHAT SEASON IS IT? Are you getting hitched in the fall but love pastels? Then you may consider using pastel decor for the engagement party, and make a bolder statement with a golden orange or a navy blue for the actual shindig. Christmas Wedding? Well, you could go with a standard crimson and hunter green. But then again you also could get even more creative with a silver and gold theme, or snowflake white with shimmering blue. Use the seasons to your advantage and play with different combinations.

2. WILL THE COLORS WASH OUT YOUR GIRLS? Okay so you really like light tan. But have you actually considered what a tan dress would do for your whole group? Can we say pseudo birthday suit? Yikes. Think about how the skin tones will play a role in the overall scheme. Go to Lowes, Home Depot or any other paint store and grab some paint sample cards. Act like you are painting a new room in your new house, but remember that it has to match the carpet in the room too (or in this case, the skin tone).

3. DOES IT SCREAM 'YOU'? Get a color that matches your personality. If you are a loud charismatic girl, maybe you could have your gals pull of the bright orange or whimsical yellow. Maybe you would rather have everyone blend in, and baby blue with a bit of grey would suit your big day. See what your inner 'you' wants to do, and just trust your gut.

4. IS IT A COLOR THAT CAN EASILY BE WORN AT MOST EVENTS? Once the dress is purchased, you want your bridesmaids to feel like they can wear it again as opposed to letting it collect dust in the depths of their walk-in. A dress that can be worn more than once will feel more like a valued investment as opposed to a complete waste.

5. CAN YOU STICK WITH YOUR DECISION? With dresses costing sometimes more than $125, your gals probably wouldn't appreciate having to purchase a second dress because you changed your mind last minute (even returning can be a pain). Be kind, and don't announce the colors to anyone until you know for certain it will not change.

So, do my colors really matter?

Yes, of course they do. You are painting a picture for (insert guest amount here & add friends/family that will see photos after the fact) people to enjoy. It's only fitting that the colors be enjoyable as well.

Do the bright colors of an interior wall inside your house make you feel bright and cheerful? Yes, of course they do. So, this should be no different. Enjoy the hunt for those perfect colors, and make sure the decision is yours and has not been swayed by anyone else. After all it is 'your' big day, so just be sure that your colors are all you


DJ versus Band?

Hello again! 

There are many decisions you and your fiancé will have to make during the planning process. You will have to decide who to invite, who will stand by your sides, what type of food to have, etc. Another decision is whether to have a band or a DJ "ROCK" your reception. To help you decide, we thought we would share an article from our good friend's Snyder Entertainment on the Pros and Cons of using a band or DJ. 

During the planning process, you and your fiancé will eventually have to decide between a DJ or a live band. There is no right or wrong choice. Both options can complete your wedding reception and keep your guests on their feet. In case you’re needing some help deciding on what to choose, the Snyder Entertainment team has provided some pros and cons to help you decide on your wedding entertainment!  

Wedding Bands
 If you’ve ever been to a concert or been around live music, you can’t help put tap your foot to the beat or even dance a little. Almost nothing can get a crowd going better than a live band. The band brings a unique energy to your reception. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy live music surrounded by all of their favorite people?  

·      Live music gets your guests going and on the dance floor almost immediately.
·      Great themed music- most wedding bands know ALL of the classics spanning a wide range of genres and decades. 
·      Guests seem like they need to slow it down for a song or two? The band can easily change the tempo when necessary. 
·      Some of your guests aren’t dancers?  It’s more comfortable for guests to sit and watch a live band. 

·      The band equipment can take up a lot of space. Consider how many guests are attending, how many tables will be in the space, and how much space will you need for a comfortable dance floor. 
·      Smaller variety of music. If you have any spur-of-the-moment song requests, it’s possible that you won’t be able to hear them. 
·      Bands take breaks. The reception could loose momentum between sets. 
·      Wedding bands tend to be more expensive typically running anywhere from $2500 - $10,000 +.  

Wedding DJ
Your wedding playlist can go from jazz for the cocktail hour, soul for the dinner reception, and then Ke$ha for the dance reception. While everyone loves to hear a great live cover of “Brown Eyed Girl,” everyone also loves to hear the original version that can take you back to a particular time and place.  If you and your fiancé both love different genres and want to include a mix of all of your favorite songs, then a DJ may be the right choice for you.  

·      You can include anything and everything you want on your wedding playlists. Your DJ has access to any song ever created, or that’s on Spotify. Huge variety!
·      You have the ability to hear cover songs done by different artists, or you can have all originals. 
·      The music can go all night without breaks. 
·      The DJ and his equipment take up very little space leaving plenty of room for the dance floor. 
·      Wedding DJ’s are significantly cheaper than live bands costing anywhere from $500 to $2000+ (not including other services like lighting or photo booth).  But you can have more options by adding that photo booth or lighting package with your  DJ for less than the cost of a band.  

·      You don’t want your wedding reception to be remembered by a cheesy DJ. We recommend you take the time to check out your wedding DJ during a meeting, check out online reviews, and ask past couples who have used that DJ. You need to make sure you love their personality because they will be the emcee of your evening! 
·      If the crowd is shy, it can be difficult to improvise or change the tempo. 
·      It can also be boring for the guests that don’t like to dance whereas they could still enjoy a live band. 

Now, here are a few questions you and your fiancé should ask each other:
·      Will our wedding venue have enough space to accommodate equipment? 
·      Would you rather have a wide variety of music or a limited selection of live covers? 
·      How much are you willing to spend on musical entertainment and what works better with your budget?

Remember the decision is yours and whatever you decide the guests will love it if you do! Regardless of what you decide, the night is about celebrating your love and union of two families with you loved ones. Your guests will be celebrating the two of you and laughing and dancing the night away. 

Once you answer these questions, then you should find the answer of what to choose for your wedding reception. Have more questions? Ask us! We are here to help! 

Mexico Honeymoons!

Hello Our Beautiful Readers!

We love food & wine, but we especially love Mexican food and a good Sangria or Malbec! So in honor of Taco Tuesday, we thought we would share some awesome honeymoon ideas in Mexico we found  in this article on Coastal Living

Maroma Resort & Spa, Solidaridad (Mayan Riviera) 

Seclusion factor: You reach this 65-room resort by turning down an unmarked dirt road off Highway 307. Surrounded by 200 acres of jungle preserve, it fronts a stunning powder-sand beach. Every night the hotel twinkles with hundreds of candles. The Kinan spa draws on Mayan and Zen concepts with 30 types of treatments and a rooftop meditation pavilion overlooking the sea.

What makes it special: Dine above it all with a private meal in the hotel’s observation tower, offering 360-degree views of your slice of paradise.\\

Villas Paraíso del Mar, Isla Holbox 

Seclusion factor: You take a ferry or boat to reach the island―look for porpoises on the way. Be ready for a rustic atmosphere. Streets are sand, so no one is in a hurry. Sign up for the biggest attraction: tours to see pods of whale sharks, which thrive offshore.

What makes it special: Here, you’ll find no nightclubs or crowds. Above all else, Holbox is a fishing village. You can’t find fresher snapper, lobster, or ceviche. For dessert, wander into Helados Maresa, a private home that doubles as an ice-cream parlor.

Verana, Yelapa (Costa Alegre) 

Seclusion factor: You reach the resort via a 30-minute taxi ride from Puerto Vallarta to Boca de Tomatlán, a 30-minute boat ride, and a walk through a village and up a path to a seaside cliff. No worries―a mule will haul your luggage.

What makes it special: Ask the kitchen to pack a picnic for a day trip to the deserted Marietas Islands. The nature preserve is home to whales and rare birds like the blue-footed booby.

Rancho Pescadero, Baja 

Seclusion factor: Set behind preserved dunes and a two-mile stretch of beach, the ocean-front, 27-suite boutique hotel is a 30-minute drive from Cabo and minutes from the quaint surfing town of Todos Santos.

What makes it special: Free daily yoga, organic and local meals, whale watching, deep sea fishing, surfing, and lounging by the seaside bar are just some of the activities and amenities featured here.

Las Alamandas, Costa Alegre 

Seclusion factor: Having just 16 suites on 1,500 acres guarantees a crowd-free vacation. Have the staff saddle up a horse for a mile-long sunset gallop on the beach.

What makes it special: Two villas, Casa del Domo and Casa Isabel, recently underwent extensive renovations, adding luxuries like private pools and double showers with an ocean view.

Esperanza, Cabo San Lucas (Baja Peninsula) 

Seclusion factor: Spa suites, Palapa Casitas, have thatched roofs and private infinity-edge hot tubs.

What makes it special: Sip through a tequila tasting class and learn the nuances of agave. The resort stocks more than 100 varieties.

Todos Santos Inn, Todos Santos (Baja Peninsula) 

Seclusion factor: Once inside the brick-and-adobe interior, you’re transported to old Mexico. Each of the antique beds is swathed in mosquito netting, bringing a dreamy ambience.

What makes it special: Take a painting class and capture Baja’s warm light on canvas.

Agua Azul la Villa, Huatulco 

Seclusion factor: Within an upscale residential neighborhood, Agua Azul la Villa is close to town―but not too close.

What makes it special: Canadians Brooke and Rick Gazer’s quiet B&B has just six bedrooms and sweeping Pacific views. You’ll find restaurants and diversion nearby in the still unspoiled town of Huatulco. Or just stay here and enjoy the beach. See Huatulco’s nine bays from the sea on the Luna Azul, a 44-foot sailboat offering private tours.

La Casa Que Canta, Zihuatanejo 

Seclusion factor: Children under 16 aren’t allowed. Couples can expect quiet and privacy.

What makes it special: On cliffs above the Pacific, La Casa Que Canta (The House that Sings) puts you above it all. Larger suites come with private pools; villas include a chef and butler. Plan one dinner on the terrace overlooking the crashing waves of Zihuatanejo Bay.

Banyan Tree Mayakoba, Playa del Carmen (Mayan Riviera) 

Seclusion factor: The resort ensures privacy with your own plunge pool. Spacious villas seamlessly blend outdoors and indoors, with an open-to-the-stars tub. Guests won’t want to leave the master bath, which resembles a mini spa. All have glass doors leading to an outdoor tub.

What makes it special: Banyan Tree trains its spa therapists at the hotel’s academy in Thailand. Try the unique Rainforest hydro-thermal experience with an eight-step progression through hot, cold, and steam rooms, with mud, salt, and shower massage treatments.

From the aquamarine waters of the Mayan Riviera to the secluded beaches of Costa Alegre, sun, sand, and serenity are just a short flight away. Interested in one of these amazing places, have something else in mind, or have absolutely no idea, contact us as we have a great travel agent we would love to recommend to you!  Leave us a note, we would love to hear where you plan to honeymoon?!?

Until Next Week Our Beautiful Readers! 

Guest Book Ideas

Hello Our Beautiful Readers!

A guest book it a wonderful memento to your beautiful day! Here are a few of our favorite ideas!

  • A beautiful book where people can sign their names and write down some words of wisdom for a happy marriage.
  • Have a wooden signature letter and have guests sign it and hang it in your home when you return from your honeymoon. 
  • Have guests sign a picture mat to go in the frame with your wedding picture. 
  • Have guests sign pieces of the Jenga game and whenever you play, you will have a sweet reminder of your wedding!
  • Like to travel or doing a destination wedding, have guests sign a globe and then use it as a decorative piece for your home!
  • Have your guests write date ideas on a piece of paper and toss it into a decorative jar. Whenever the two of you can’t think of any good ideas for a date, you can just go to your jar and see your friends & family’s ideas.
  • Instead of a date jar maybe have a vacation idea jar filled with your guest's favorite places.  

Be creative and have a guest book which reflects your relationship and will mean something to both of you for years to come!  

Until Next Week our Beautiful Readers!

The Mitchell House Open House

Hello Our Beautiful Readers!

We have had so much fun planning the Open House event for The Mitchell House in Lebanon, TN and it’s finally almost here. We are so excited to see everything come together with this event and we hope to see some of our lovely readers there this weekend. Come see this beautiful historic venue and meet local vendors, listen to music, & find inspiration for your next event. 

We are also giving away this beautiful hanger designed by Linda, Owner & Designer at Allegro Art. Stop by the Mitchell House from 1-4pm this Sunday and put your name in the drawing for a chance to win! The winner will be drawn after the Open House and be notified to find out where to ship.

For a full list of vendors participating and details about the event and a full list of vendors who are participating, head over to our Facebook page and don’t forget to RSVP. Have a great week readers, we’ll see you next week.


Shelly & Noe's Upcoming Wedding

We are so excited about Shelly & Noe's Wedding this coming weekend! They are such a sweet couple and we have had so much fun getting to know them and help them plan their Wedding Day! Check out some of their engagement pics by Zach Harrison Photography!

Can't wait to share the wedding photos! 

Until Next Week Our Beautiful Readers! 

Where Is Your Perfect Honeymoon Hideaway?

Hello Our Beautiful Readers! 

Walking down the aisle is serious business (not to mention a little stressful), which is why a honeymoon is the perfect way for couples to celebrate their newlywed status and unwind after the big day. Since it's the first trip as a married couple, picking the right honeymoon spot is essential. To help you and your new spouse kick off married life, U.S. News took into account accommodation options, activities and the overall romance factor of various destinations to determine the best honeymoon getaways. From tropical paradises to cultured metropolises, these postnuptial hideaways are sure to suit a variety of couples.  Check out the photo tour of the best places to honeymoon in 2016.  

Where are you honeymooning? Until Next Week Our Beautiful Readers! 

Reception Drinks - Tips & Advice

Written by Decadent Details Events Assistant, Stephany LaCruz

Hello Our Beautiful Readers!

We love when the weather gets warm enough for us relax on the patio with a nice glass of wine or cool beverage!  We hope you are staying cool this summer and relaxing while enjoying your favorite drink! If you are planning to serve alcohol at your wedding, we thought we would share some tips and general wisdom. Remember this is just a guide, you know your guests and who will be drinking and who won't, so adjust accordingly. 

As we said in our blog last week, your guest count will determine many things in your budget and one of those is your alcohol budget.  Rule of thumb: 1 drink per person, per hour.

Before you decide on the kind of bar you want to host, first do the math. 

How many drinks are in a bottle? 

  • A bottle of champagne fills six to eight glasses
  • A bottle of wine fills five glasses
  • A liter bottle of liquor makes about 18 drinks

How many bottles in a case?

  • A case of wine contains 12 bottles.
  • A case of beer contains 24 bottles or cans.

Next, know the types of bars. Remember, to consider this in your budget when selecting a venue. If you are looking at a venue where you have to purchase from their bar, know what options are available. 

The Open Bar

  • An Open Bar is a very gracious but expensive approach. With an open bar, guests can order any drink they wish and you'll more than likely have sticker shock when the party it over. Because there's no limit, your guests can drink like fish. If you have guests who tend to party hard, tell the bartender in advance. 

The Limited Bar

  • With the limited bar, you select drinks such as beer and wine only or signature drinks for example and set specific times the bar will be open such as the cocktail hour, the toasts, and an hour or two after dinner. Instead of having an actual bar guests can go up to, consider hiring waiters to pass drinks on trays. Yes, you will have to hire wait staff, but you'll probably save money on alcohol and fewer guests will over consume. If you choose to limit the amount of time the bar is open, make sure the waiters are refilling water and tea glasses. 

The Cash Bar

  • Don't have a cash bar unless you have a great reason (there really isn't one). Guests shouldn't have to pay for anything at your wedding. You wouldn't invite people over to your house for dinner and charge them for the meal. Trust us if you really want to have alcohol at your party, find a different way to cut the overall budget. 

A Dry House

  • If you choose not to serve alcohol for what ever reason, serve sparkling water, soda, juices, and nonalcoholic versions of mixed drinks instead. For the toasts, use token champagne or sparkling cider. Just because you choose not to serve alcohol, doesn't mean you can't have fun with the drink choices. 

More drink for thought....

  • Having a wine and beer bar only? Purchase - 60% beer and 40% wine
  • Having wine, beer, and liquor? Purchase - 35% beer 30% wine 35% liquor
  • Having a full bar, don’t forget the mixers, lemons, and limes
  • Don't forget your bartender - although they are compensated by their company,  tips are always appreciated.  
  • Use the power of internet,  there are many amazing wedding alcohol calculators you can use which will help in determining how much of each alchohol is needed. 

Whichever option you decide for your wedding reception, keep in mind which will be the best for your budget. If you need help with locating a great bartender or figuring out what signature drink fits with your style, contact Decadent Details. The Ladies at Decadent Details hope you have a great rest of the week.

Until Next Week Our Beautiful Readers!

Tips for Making Your Guest List

Written by Decadent Details Events Assistant, Stephany LaCruz

Hello Our Beautiful Readers,

The guest list is one of the first things you should do when starting to plan your wedding. Although deciding who to invite or not to invite, isn't great fun, it's very important to the size venue you will need and your budget. Each guest adds to the amount of food your caterer will prepare, how many tables and chairs you will need to rent, and even how much cake you'll need to pay for. It's best to be conservative with your number and then if there's room left, you can add on to the list later.  Unfortunately, making the guest list can be hard especially if one or both sets of parents are involved in the planning or contributing to the budget. But fear not, for we have some great tips to share when it comes to narrowing your guest list!

According to The Knot, traditionally the couple chooses half of the guests and then each set of parents decides a quarter of the guests. (200=100+50+50) But it’s really up to the two of you on how to split the guests.

To get started build a dream list, jot down everyone you can imagine attending your wedding, from your best friend in kindergarten to the long lost cousin you met once. Just for this part, take your budget and venue out of the equation. You'll have to do some trimming later one but for now, think big. 

Tip: If you're tempted to invite even more people on a whim later on, go back to this list as a reality check. If they were never on your dream list, are they really crucial now?

The next step is to start trimming your dream list until you reach a realistic number based on your budget. Here are a few rules to help make the process of trimming smoother. 

  1. If one of you have not spoken, met, or heard of a person don’t invite them.

  2. Don’t feel bad about having an adults only wedding.

  3. If neither of you have spoken to them in at least three years and they’re not related, don’t invite them

  4. If there’s anyone on the list that you added because you felt guilty (your parents talked you into it, they invited you to their wedding, etc.), don’t invite them.

Tip: We've heard just about every guest list horror story, and through experience, we know the only way to make this process for smoothly is to be as fair as possible when you're making edits. It'll be difficult at first, but for each person you take off your in-laws' or parent's list, take one off you own also. 

We suggest keeping your list digital on Excel instead of paper because it makes for easy tracking as well as editing

Here’s an infographic that helps by asking some questions about each guest the two of you would like to invite.


We also suggest you stick to the number of guests the two of you have decided, if someone RSVPS “no”, then go to your backup list to invite someone else in their place.

Include names on the RSVP cards. Yours wouldn't be the first wedding where a guest added two (or three or four) names onto one line, even though the invitation was made out to one guest. Avoid this problem by printing the guests' names on the RSVP card. Do this, and there's almost no way anyone can force an invite on you. Tip: If someone does do an extra write-in, it could just be they don't know the protocol. Don't take the faux pas personally just call the guest and explain that you'd love to invite everyone, but budget and space make it not possible. 

We understand deciding who to invite to one of the biggest days of your lives can be hard and stressful. But with these tips, we hope the process goes smoothly.

Until Next Week Our Beautiful Readers!


Holiday Weddings

Hello Our Beautiful Readers! 

Since we just celebrated the 4th of July and many of you may have gotten engaged, we thought we would touch on tips of having a holiday wedding. Holidays are such a fun and magical time it may seem like a good idea to pick a holiday for your wedding date but sharing your wedding date with a notable holiday such as Valentine's Day, 4th of July, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and Day definitely comes with it's own set of pros & cons.  Although we absolutely love the idea of a wedding on New Year's Eve where you kiss at midnight, we personally believe your wedding day should have its own special day which is not shared with any other important event. But here are a few tips to keep in mind if you really have your heart set on having your wedding on a holiday! 

  • Having your wedding on a holiday will make your anniversary easy to remember. However, it may also make it difficult for the two of you to get away to celebrate.
  • Make sure to send Save-the-Dates as early as possible.
  • Don’t be surprised if you have a larger percentage of declines in RSVPs since many people plan their vacations during the holidays.
  • Include fun and theme-driven elements such as a great signature cocktail.


  • Play normal wedding reception music not seasonal holiday music.
  • Costs for vendors could be higher than on a non-holiday. Flowers always cost more in winter months and during holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.
  • Hotels and airfare are costlier during holiday times, too. Which could keep guests from attending.
  • If you plan to have your celebration on a holiday, remember it's important to let your wedding be about your style, color and you as a couple not about the holiday because the reason your guests are there is to celebrate the two of you. To keep it personal, make sure the elements reflect you and your husband-to-be's style and personality and not the holiday. For example, if you decide to have a Christmas wedding, this doesn't mean everything has to be decked out in red, green and white. Instead, use an all white theme or use purple and gold elements to create a very beautiful, elegant soiree. If you have your heart set on using the colors of the holiday, use the colors sparingly. 

We would love to hear if you are planning a holiday wedding and how you plan to make it unique and memorable!

How to Freeze Your Wedding Top to Enjoy on Your First Anniversary!

Saving the top tier of you wedding cake to enjoy on your one year anniversary has been a tradition for years! Unfortunately, it usually loses it's flavor in the freezer. Although most bakers will recreate your cake topper for your anniversary, we are a bit old fashioned and like the idea of eating the original cake. So we wanted to share this video from a baker friend of ours, Rebecca Schreher. Rebecca gives step by step instructions on how to freeze your cake so it doesn't lose it's flavor and you can enjoy the original top from your wedding day on your one year anniversary! We tried it and it really does work! 

We would love to hear if you froze your cake top or opted to get a fresh one on your one year anniversary! 

Questions To Ask When Choosing Your Wedding Venue!

Written by Decadent Details Assistant, Stephany LaCruz

Hello Our Beautiful Readers,

One of the first things couples do after they are engaged is start looking for the perfect venue for their celebration! Is your dream wedding at a barn, mansion, museum, historical hotel, or outdoors.  Regardless of the type of venue you are looking for, here are some important questions to ask when visiting beautiful venues for your perfect wedding!

      How many wedding’s will be on the property on my wedding date?

      What deposit is required and what is the payment schedule?  

      Are there any hidden costs like: staff, gratuity, cleaning fees, or overtime?

      Is there ample free parking? Or will my guests be charged for parking?

      Is there a backup plan in case of inclement weather?

      Do you have a preferred vendor list or can we use anyone we want as long as they are licensed and insured?  

      Can we do both the ceremony and reception here?

      Can furniture/items be  moved around or does everything stay in place?

      What is provided with the rental (i.e. tables, chairs. linens, china, etc.)? 

      Do you provide security for events on your property?

Although most couples, start choosing their venue and vendors before hiring a planner, let us remind you this is where our expertise becomes invaluable. We have relationships with great professional vendors who will fit with your style and your budget which saves you time, stress & money! We would love to be a part of your love story! 

Until Next Week Our Beautiful Readers!


Tips When Having a Flower Girl & Ring Bearer

Written by Decadent Details Assistant, Stephany LaCruz

Hello Our Beautiful Readers!

This week’s blog is all about the flower girl and ring bearer. They can be your nieces, nephews, best friend’s kids, siblings, or even your own kids. Whoever you have that’s close to you!  Here are some tips to think about when including them in your wedding!

  • Seat their parents toward the front so they can encourage them to walk all the way to the front. This tip is probably more important for younger children.
  • Don’t get them dressed in their wedding outfits until after they have used the bathroom, ate, washed their hands, anything that has a possibility of making them dirty.
  • Make sure the ring bearer and flower girl are both at the wedding rehearsal, they may need the most practice when it comes to walking down the aisle.
  • If you want someone who is still learning to walk, it would probably be best to have them pulled in a carriage or a wagon.
  • Choose a song that’s long enough or can be repeated, they may take a little longer to get to the front.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable with the ring bearer walking with the real ring, use fake rings or a sign that you’re on your way, or something unique that would fit your wedding style.
  • Make sure to not buy an outfit that’s too itchy or uncomfortable, as a little girl she will definitely let you know if the dress is not comfy for her. The last thing anyone wants is a crying flower girl going down the aisle.
  • If you have more than one little girl or boy in your life, why not have more than one flower girl or ring bearer? There’s no rule in any book that say’s ‘only one.’

If you choose to have children in your wedding, keep these tips in mind to make your day go more smoothly.

Until Next Week Our Beautiful Readers!

Father of the Bride

Hello Our Beautiful Readers! 

In Honor of Father’s Day, we wanted to give you some inspiration on some sweet gifts for the first man who loved you and the first one to ever kiss you...your wonderful Dad!  These are some of our favorite gifts to let him know how special he is on the day he is going to walk you down the aisle! 

There are so many ways to show your Dad how important he is to you! How will you let your Dad know how special he is...we'd love to hear! 

Until Next Week Our Beautiful Readers!

Saying "Yes" to the Dress! Tips for Shopping for the Perfect One!

Written by Decadent Details Events Assistant, Stephany LaCruz

Hello Our Beautiful Readers,

 Hope you all had a fabulous weekend as we get back into the swing of things at work. If you aren’t too busy with work, you should spoil yourself with Decadent Details new blog! We bring a topic that is probably every bride's favorite part of planning her wedding, something you should share with the people closest to your heart. A process you share with the people closest to your heart. Ever heard of ‘Say Yes to the Dress’? That’s right ladies, today’s topic is about the most important dress you’ll ever wear in your life. Here are  some important tips for when you go dress shopping with your mother and some friends. 

  • We suggest not taking too many people to the appointments with you because too many opinions can become overwhelming. Which can make it harder to pick out the perfect one.
  • Make sure to set an appointment wherever you go. This will ensure that you are given the attention you deserve with the help of someone trained to know what looks the best on different body types. They may give you a dress you didn’t see yourself wearing but you end up loving it.
  • Don’t expect to fall in love with the first dress you try on. Try on a couple of different ones before you find the one you know that’s meant to be. Who knows, maybe the 58th dress is the one!
  • While trying on dresses your attendant is going to be helping you get in and out of those dresses. So make sure you wear a strapless bra which works with the most necklines and some comfy undergarments you won’t mind being seen in.
  •  Don’t feel like you have to purchase a dress. Try on a couple of dresses and take a couple of days to figure out if that’s really the dress for you. If you didn’t like anything from that bridal store it’s okay to go to a different one, don’t think you’re forced to only one.
  •  Keep an eye out on local bridal stores and when they plan on having their sample sales. You could find the dress of your dreams for a more convenient price tag.
  • Consider your venue and wedding style. Are you planning a formal wedding or a beautiful beach wedding. A wedding dress that's perfect for a black tie affair is entirely different than one you would wear barefoot on the beach. We suggest trying on dresses which fit with the style of your wedding and the season you're getting married in. 

Keep these tips in mind when you’re out looking for dresses with your loved ones to help stay stress free. If you have any other questions when it comes to going out to buy your dress than feel free to email or call Decadent Details with any questions! Remember regardless of what style you end up with, the only thing that matters is that you feel beautiful! 

Until Next Week Our Beautiful Readers!


Written by Decadent Details Assistant, Stephany LaCruz

Hello Our Beautiful Readers,

We hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are enjoying this warm weather. Wedding planning and meeting with vendors can be a bit overwhelming especially if you don’t understand the language. Let's face it ladies, if you're confused just think how you're fiance' may feel! Today’s blog is for the guys so the two of you can speak the same language when meeting with vendors and discussing your wedding. Here's a list of a few common terms to help you both through the wedding planning process.


Buffet: A good way to offer several entrees in a free-flowing atmosphere. Not recommended for couples with limited space.

Food Stations: Similar to a buffet but a station-style reception is one where the food is spread out among different "stations" throughout the reception space. For example, there may be one area that is a carving station, a raw bar, a tapas station, a dessert station, and so forth.

Canapé: simplified this is a bite sized appetizer that is served on a round piece of cracker, bread, or vegetable

Corkage Fee: the fee per bottle of alcohol opened during the reception, usually on alcohol youprovide yourselves

Crudités: raw, sliced vegetable appetizer served with some form of dip


Buttercream: The most common type of icing. It's soft, creamy and sweet, made of butter, sugar and milk. Your baker can use it to cover the outside of your cake and/or as a filling in between the layers.

Fondant: Icing made of sugar, gelatin, corn syrup and glycerin that has a firm yet tender texture and a smooth, porcelain-like finish. It's more expensive than buttercream because decorating with it is more complicated and labor-intensive used to make realistic cake toppings. It can be rolled and used as icing.

Royal Icing: A hard, brittle and not-very-tasty type of icing made of sugar and egg whites. It's used mostly for sculptural decorations, like roses, swirls and dots.

Cornelli: form of piping that creates a 3-D pattern of lace and squiggles

Dragees: silver coated balls made of sugar, usually used for decoration

Genoise: French sponge cake that’s drier than American cakes, usually soaked in liqueur syrup and layered with fruit fillings or whipped cream

Marzipan: hardened almond paste and sugar, usually used to make the decorations that go on top of cake


Chuppah: temporary structure with four poles and a canopy slightly covering them, can be decorated with fabric, flowers, or both

Cascade: form of bouquet where the flowers fall down giving them a sort of waterfall effect, flowing below the waist when held

Filler: inexpensive flowers to make the bouquets fuller, ie. baby’s breath, ivy, ferns etc.

Pomander: the round shaped bouquet suspended from a ribbon handle, could be given to a flower girl instead of a basket

Tussy Mussy: perfect for vintage weddings; silver cone shaped bouquet holder used in the Victorian Era


Prelude: Quiet, gentle "background" music played at the beginning of the ceremony as guests arrive and are seated.

Interlude: A song during the lighting of the unity candle or at another point in the ceremony. It can be instrumental or vocal. "Hymne a l’Amour" by Josh Groban, or the “Wedding Song (There is Love)” by Peter, Paul and Mary are popular choices.

Processional: Stately music played as the bridal party walks down the aisle, with the bride and her escort at the very end (e.g. Pachelbel's famous "Canon in D"). Often the bride's walk is accompanied by a different tune (e.g. Wagner's "Bridal Chorus").

Recessional: Upbeat, triumphant music played at the end of the service as the bride and groom make their way back up the aisle and exit the ceremony. Mendelssohn's "Wedding March," from A Midsummer Night's Dream, is the most popular option.

Postlude: Music that plays until every last guest has exited the ceremony area. It should revert to the background and last around fifteen minutes. “All You Need is Love” by The Beatles is a contemporary surprise to end of the ceremony.


Beveled Edge: slanted edge, usually used on heavy card stock

Cotton Rag: creamy paper made from cotton fiber, won’t discolor over time

Debossed: when letters are pressed into the paper

Deckled Edge: rough, uneven edges, usually torn or die cut to give look

Suite: no this isn’t your hotel suite; this is what your whole invitation package is called

Vellum: thin, transparent paper that can look like frosted glass

These and more terms can be found on Bridal Guide's website. Hopefully these will help you when meeting with vendors and discussing what the two of you envision on your wedding day. If you come across any other terms you don’t know or are too scared to ask, shoot Decadent Details a message. We would be happy to help.

Until Next Week Our Beautiful Readers!   

Summer Wedding Tips - How to Keep Guests Comfortable!

Hello Our Beautiful Readers! 

Although the first day of Summer isn't until June 20, the temperatures are already starting to rise into the 80's. Summer weddings are beautiful because everything is blooming and gorgeous and we have all been longing to be outside for months. If you are planning a summer wedding, here are a few tips to help keep you and your guests comfortable so you can all enjoy your special day! 

Keep them hydrated! Have bottles of water available at the ceremony to help keep guests cool. Personalize each bottle with a message and put them on ice to keep them cold. 

Sun Protection and Bug Spray. With hot weather comes those annoying buzzing bugs.  Be prepared by keeping a bug spray and sunscreen station for your guests to go and apply some much-needed SPF!  Opt for cream instead of spray, so guests don’t accidentally spray the food or their eyes.


Give them shade. Parasols are great stylish and useful accessories to keep for any outdoor wedding.  They will keep away the sun, and will look great in pictures as well!  If you want to get fancy, you can choose different colors or prints to match your decor.

Personal Fans. Keep hand-held fans on each chair.  Fans can also double up as your wedding program, which all your guests can keep as a personal memento after the wedding!

Sunglasses. You don’t want your guests squinting while you walk down the aisle in your gorgeous gown, so keep sunglasses for them to wear while outdoors.  You’ll be surprised to find how many people forget to bring shades to an outdoor wedding.  Not to mention, they’re also great photo booth props!

Have an Indoor and Outdoor Option. If you are having the ceremony outdoors, consider a pavilion or a tent to provide shade for your guests. If you choose to have a tent, make sure it is opaque. 

Hopefully these tips will help you keep your guests cool and comfortable if you are having an outdoor celebration. Having an outdoor ceremony, we would love to hear how you are going to keep your guests cool! Always remember, we are always here to help and answer questions. 

Until Next Week Our Beautiful Readers!